While the earth is still sleeping.

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It's weird but the more that's going on, the less likely you are to stay in contact. Then again, that's not so weird. Today is the one week anniversary of my food poisoning day in Hades. So far, today is going much better though! Jacqueline visited me from DC on Sunday. It was really nice to see her. I do have an affinity though for hanging out with older folks. She and her ex boyfriend from forever ago. ...clearly. But they were super cute and ate oysters. I did not. And that guy could have totally gone to scad talking about the cool colors in the composition he wanted on the road.
The good dream / bad dream shoots didn't go through this weekend for Fashion Haus. I have been a little missing in action in the club scene. I'm so glad it is finished raining. At home is apparently dubbed "Snowcopalypse", isn't that crazy. And now that Trey and I won't have to be spending the weekend without Kayleigh, Roni, Make, and Maeg this weekend should go a little bit better.

And to be honest my thoughts on Valentines day for the lover less include, it only becomes "single's awareness day" because you observe it as such. In reality it is a good thing to have a day that breaks away from the seriousness of things. And this is love the world is talking about, it shouldn't be a stressor. Besides if it is lovin you are worried about, I think you are pretty finee.
We seriously spend so much time trying to be liked by other people. Make yourself crushworthy. Love yourself. "Crush" yourself. Whoever decides to join in: well they're pretty lucky. Confidence, self-worth, not ego.
And while I cannot say I am not guilty of always having that attitude, think about it, love yourself. You are ALWAYS with yourself. Enjoy it. And you will find more reason to love others. Even after St. Valentine's day.