Weekend Schmeekend.

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Horoscopes should not be read because even if you don't believe them, I swear your subconscious decides to mold your day something like that, because you're getting a second opinion and everyone wants another straight forward, I don't know you opinion from a stranger I guess. But those facebook cancer ones are usually pretty positive. I was reading the one today and say I didn't finish it but I'm pretty sure it's burnt into my head. I usually don't mind looking at them at the end of the day, weird right.
It's finals this weekend. But, strangely I feel like I really don't mind. There's really no reason to stay or be stressed, if you acknowledge "ok, I have a lot to do, I am stressed out, but it's ok it will all work out" and in all seriousness the due date WILL come and pass and acne will come and not pass. There are much more serious things, like war, or getting closed in a metro train door. So why not enjoy the sunshine. Gotta love a final. <3
It was a fair week. I'm very much glad it's over, and I'm super hungry right now, but the scafe does not open until 11 which is crazy, I mean that means you start your day at 11, (because why would you wake up?) and then you have a little day. But I guess there are some people who manage to make their days little everyday. And I should have gone drawing this morning. Now that the quarter is winding down I guess it's ok that Prof Rise talks to me. That will forever be awkward. Can't talk to girly boys, nope nope. I got a package from home yesterday. I should take a picture of it! haha. Mostly green tea, oatmeal, socks, my USB cord that I thought I lost at the airport!, and my favorite gummy bear vitamins: which I so bad because I eat them like candy.
You know how its really hard to have a favorite song, well I think the last few days might have had one. Take a listen to "I" by Yiruma. You can find it on myspace (I know...who uses myspace,) (it's in my links in the side bar) and just press play once you reach the page. lovee all yiruma.
Hopefully this weekend Starship or Adam takes us to DownUnder. Woop woop todat.
Plans for tomorrow include zumbaing (last one- sad face), scary drawing, and bye bye Ally :(((((