Class again.

12:04 AM Michael 0 Comments

It's a little insane, but I have enjoyed this week immensely and my classes are so much fun! I don't this is supposed to happen.
ENG 123: We watch movies, like everyday AND they are the foreign types I am in love with. Ohmygawsh! This dude is so cool.
DRAW 200: Sisterhood of the traveling pants. I am Alexis. :)
FASH 100: I love this class! Now, it is at 8 oclock in the morning but we are such a great group and our teacher is NUTS!! She walks in and while she's talking about how she has to get back into the swing of 8 oclock classes, mentions that she needs more lipstick on today, we get a good long "flash" of her girdle, and find out her opinion on black girls on American Idol. She is SO random and it's actually die laughing funny, not a pretend game. I'll be doing my share of outside time to love "Juki" the bullet machine. I'll admit, this major feels like the right one. xx