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64% battery life. I promised myself I'd write today. Rachel left yesterday, and Thursday is pretty much the absolute cut off. You know, sometimes I'm actually not sure if I can write everything here. I don't want to keep it private! But hey, it's on the internet. I'm having a great time Target raiding, Cat catching, bike not-braking. haha.. I'm walking to the library in a little bit, to return everyone in the world's library books. Lady Gag. is keeping me company for the weekend. That and the radio DJ. Gawd, I'm so happy I have the room to myself. I say this in the most non selfish way possible. I don't miss home, but I do miss the city sometimes. That sounds really bad. I'm going to need a job soon. My computer charger died, ...again. This will be my third HP Smart Power Cord. If it were smart, it wouldn't die so easily. Then again, I am no expert on computers. I am currently passing through one of those life phases where you are living a story line from a film. It is ca-razy. Ca-razy. haha. We'll see the outcome. You will know the outcome. I currently have a collection of 3 scad cards and a room key. I'll probably start my weeks shift of cleaning soon enough. Something to do, Something to do. Give me something to do 59% battery life. Who reads this stuff anyway?