Retourne Paparazzi

9:07 PM Michael 0 Comments

So I don't know how to start this, but I think I'm going to discard all the little notes I've written up to now. Not that they're irrelevant, they just expand and overwrite themselves. I'm so glad I can write again! We have internet! And although those times at Starbucks and Barnes and Noble were good, it just wasn't the same. Thank you universe.
but whataav.

It's nice to be back of course. And I wish you the most wonderful school year! So fars definitely been daunting, but it's okay. I swear there are some pretty great forces out there working to balance out the galaxy and work towards satisfaction. Be good to yourself. I think the reason I get overwhelmed is because sometimes I'm not sure if I have any idea what I really want. If you're living a life that isn't true to your souls destiny, which in a way ironically overwrites and becomes a "new destiny", if you run over that old destiny you'll feel the nagging. In reality I have no idea if I want to do fashion design, but it's good to allow yourself to realize what you do know is a definite want. Like for me, to travel, explore, learn and teach. And that's really what a want- even if it isn't as glamorous. Ultimately, I want to contribute to beauty.
But goodness finds it's own way. Just like meeting you.
So good luck and best wishes! There's so much of ourselves left to discover. Forever and ever. And we can always travel that world, without a monetary plane ticket.

Always, Michael