I had been thinking

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I'm sure one day I'll gramatically correct this, I'm not sure even I understand it ------------

It's always sometimes similar. Watching: down, then up.
And I was just thinking, for each of those garments, hands had to put it together.
Machines aren't capable of doing it all.
Yet, I, and perhaps the majority of us aren't thinking about those things because that's not what it's about.
We aren't there to think about the designers, the seamstresses or the craftsmanship or the detail. We watch, we indulge. Seemingly just to watch. And somehow take this as a transcending experience. This is royalty.
It isn't about the designers... And if it isn't the models- the person, that specific girl. She comes, there's another one, she comes, different outfit. I look at her, I look at the clothes, it's gone, what did I see. Then what am I looking at?

Yet everyone else looks like, they get it. "It's Latin, duh".

Watching. Seconds for hours. And it's ok.

So if I'm not looking at the clothes, or the models, what is left? Is this nothing? or is this everything?

And I started to feel kind of sad.

Why does this happen.

Everyone "gets it", but what is there to get.

It appears, and goes.

A total tragedy.

Shows are weird things.

Doing everything, for seconds of nothing..
In those moments there is absolutely no idea of beauty, of correct or incorrect, we just take it, take it, take it. It seems kind of like a silly idea. I wonder if the audience ever figures it out, the ignorance subsides, or if this romance and not tragedy.  

Maybe I'm stupid. I don't think it is something to be awed over. I think it's something to be cried over.