I'll be sleeping now

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So I guess I splurged a little and went to LuLu's with Ange when I got here. We were getting "dinner". So cute, everything is soo good. I think I had a cappuccino brownie? YUM. the bad news was our orders were paid for on the wrong cards. Oh well ;) Angie is a really good friend. So mature. So beautiful.
And not to mention the sam meister. ..I swear I went in saying I wouldn't get anything. I have got to learn to save.

Candy shopping before black swan. Sooo good by the way. It is very ideal. The ending is so perfect. Ehh I'm not really sure I thought 'trippy's' the word. I think all the imagery and metaphors were just fine.
3D class! I signed up for a class at boundary..but it changed to Alexander Hall. -Which is neat because who wants to return to boundary? Not I. ;)
So we had to play that "Exquisite Corpse" game where you each make something and don't know what it connects to but when you put them together they should mesh. This is what my group made! Haha it goes together so well! Like a gargoyle!

I FINALLY VISITED RAYCHOL'S/MAGGIE'S DORM!! I think there are paper cranes now.

...We were going to the dollar store.
lol I didn't get this from there.. I got it at Ross.. It was too cute, and gosh darn-it if I make one more mistake going to class. I swear I change my clothes so many times a day, might as well see what you look like.

Spa date. Ange is such a beyond inspiration. Talented, real, smart, quirky. It's kind of ridic. I'm so glad we have the same hair. ANYWAY ohhh my goshh this mask is so good. It helps with dark spots, moisturizing and everything sooo well. We kind of made it our own and threw it stuff...like eggs and oatmeal and avocado. Avocado is AMAZING for your hair. It will be like when you came out of your mommy. :)
And some quick sketches. I don't really know how much I like this class. It will definitely be challenging! Originally i wanted to take Apparel, but I wouldn't get a professor I wanted and I wanted a really good one. I think you shouldn't give yourself short. Drawing isn't exactly my strong point anyway. I should take a quarter to get better. As for taking 2 fashion classes again. I decided not to. It's way to hard for me. I know some people are so talented and can. I need to chance to develop better drawing habits. So to drawing! I have it at 8 pm... which is ok, because then your hw is done and you can go to lectures at 5 so it all works out! It's just really quite in the building at that time. But I guess it's the first week. I'll miss being in Eckburg for class every day, but I'm sure I'll make a way to be there quite a bit. I've been thinking about taking an accessories class, like sewing tech. Seriously, could you imagine sewing up bags and shoes? Intimidating slash fun! :)

I really like all my classes. Sketching seems like it will be the hardest one. I mean, we're drawing faces, *sweats*. I have about 4 out of 6 doneish, they're due Wednesday I think. 3D seems ok too! I presented my chapter today.. I figured might as well get it over with.  Seriously, public speaking, and drawing never end here. But it is a good thing I suppose. Best of luck in your quarters/semesters! ...I'm applying to colleges again. with deadlines... oh no. :) anyway, cheers ;) TTYL CIAO