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Tonight, I had sketching, with me and the graphite, and Jacquelyn, and Sarah, and Professor Lara with no "u". She insists on naming me Mikie, which is totally fine. I'm really glad I'm taking sketching ...let's not talk about my drawing skills. So for the first time, I can't believe it's not the end of the week. Usually it just happens. We are only half way. I wanted to be really serious and thank everyone from the bottom of my heart that prayed for me this week, because I had never so quickly emptied out my stomach in anxiety and fear and excitment as I did this week. And I don't know how to explain it, but whatever force shifted, did a beyond fabulous job. I had interviews galore and they went so so so unexpectedly well. Honestly, I didn't even know what to do but pray. What else are you supposed to do in those situations? When you go to this life changing interviews. A few posts back I wrote a post about being up late and 'dear mr gilks' and how I don't usually do well on interviews. Well I totally accomplished an interview with DVF, and it was so beyond warm, and Neil is suchh a fantastic guy. I really feel so genuinely happy. I would love to work for Diane. She has such a beautiful mind and a beautiful vision. I feel what I feed off most from her when she gave a lecture in the spring was her idea of being worn when that girl goes on a date, or gets a job interview. That's how I want my clothes to be. About happy stories. Funny because, the trip there was probably the craziest part. So these days I pretty much only get to go home to "touch up" *ps it is soo important to look decent, I think it's so disrespectful to your professors and your teachers to wear whatever, are you really that special?. Continued, it obviuosly runs over a little time wise, so I used to shoe polish I got from the dollar store, I didn't replace the shoe laces and as I was putting eye drops in the door bell rings, and there is my beautiful jacket from Korea to dress me up just in time to transform me before I go to the ball. So I walk to arnold and wait for the bus, but it's not there and it's already 30 minutes to the interview so I am thinking I could run back home, get my bike, destroy my shoes, but at least I would be there in 15 minutes. So I start walking back, and then the library route pulls up, so then I have to run back, get on the steps, and realize it wasn't my scad card in my pocket but my debit card. So then I have to begggg to get on the bus, and she's like "You know you aint supposed to get on here w/o yo ID" and I'm like yes.. I know and when she caves I tell her bless your heart and all that stuff because what else do you say. And so she didn't drop me off at the library but directly in front of york hall so I could be in time. So it just worked out. And seemed so somehow magical. Secondly, because of Andrea's chance encounter with Mr. Gunn once again, he suggested that I be in touch with a friend of his who was coming to be the new chair of fashion in January. So I told her what happened and we scheduled a meeting, and she is beyond divine. She is so wonderful. And she asked when I came in what made her former boss, Tim Gunn, suggest that I had a meeting with her. And I showed her my work and she was so so encouraging. The funny thing is about being an artist. You are around it so so soo much, you begin to easily doubt your talent, but in showing other people, there can be a great amount of confidence building. Neil couldn't believe I took the pictures of Samantha. He said I could be a stylist. It was so fun, and so nerve racking, and I had never edited my resume so many times in a few day time period. But it worked out well. And the best part is I am happy. On a more amusing note, it doesn't seem like Carmela will allow me to switch schools. She really was selling scad back at me again. I don't know.. I am so confused. I just want to do what is right for my career, and I can't help but think of all the people I am missing out on in New York. I want to be excited, I want to be electrocuted. I want to make it. We haven't done anything yet. ;)