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I'm sure it's very true fashion is image driven, money motored... but it's also very powerful, and can also be very kind. Ortablu, a company involved with everything denim, partnered with UNICEF and created a contest for SCAD Fashion to design uniforms for kids in Sierra Leone who may not get to go to school because they can't afford the uniform. Instead, they may do other chores, or try to sell things. A week or two ago, I as well as other students submitted practical and aesthetic sketches of uniforms for the children. These would be sewn by a womens labor union in Lebanon, providing women with work, ultimately making it one big working circle, and I am incredibly, incredibly honored to participate. I'm so happy for SCAD. I feel like this brings so much good. The winner is announced sometime today and I honestly must say there were truly, truly wonderful designs. I did go through all of them ;) I was in the kitchen a little while ago, nervous as anything, and pretty much accepting defeat, but no matter what one scad student "wins", there are so many other victories. The children, Sierra Leone +,  get a uniform, the Lebanese women have work, and we have another portfolio piece, as well as a good conscience. Samantha's right, there is good in everything, as well as a reason for everything. I'll try to be optimistic. It's really small, but a uniform is almost like a way out of the regular cycle. If you give them education, that's just simply one step to being a level up from selling goods forever. There's so much opportunity here. If anything, I hope a little blooms there too. Have joy Sierra Leone.
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