Influential Person #5: Megan Berkheiser

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A few weeks ago, Ms. Berkheiser, a professor in the Illustration department came to demo collaging to the Fashion Illustration club. She kept going on and on about how lovely Eckburg was, how high the ceilings were, the sketches in the hallways, when really she would introduce me to how beautiful illustration was. There are a lot of majors here and sometimes I'm a little terrible a differentiating them--> Illustration vs. Drawing vs. Painting. But in reality they really are so so different. She mentioned how much "style" fashion students seem to bring to Morris and like any New York-came-from she talked about how wonderful the city is and encouraged us to get a way in. So why is she so inspiring? She painted yes. But she wanted something more and knew she wanted something more. Sometimes I think we don't let that nagging feeling get to us enough. But she did, and after a terrible life episode she decided to approach many different editorials and show them what she does. You know how in magazines, etc they may have an image either before or somewhere in an article often whimsically going a long with what is being written about. ..sorry if i'm not making much sense. But that is exactly what she does. These "images" are actually crafted set ups composed of perhaps dolls and printed faces and wallpaper and all kinds of things and make up such incredible work. 
                                    This image belongs to Megan Berkheiser!! (linked to website, she spoke about copyright..haha)
I was so honored to met her.. She's worked with TIME magazine and other drop your mouth, very serious places. But what is so special about her is her decision that she can be a teacher and still be an editor. Sure she can't take up as many projects as she used to, but she won't put her heart on hold. She said something so, so important to us: no matter how wrapped up in your work you are take the time to breathe every once in a while, to take a walk. All she wanted in college was to be the best, to work harder than reasonable, and never sleep, and now she looks back at it, and wish she melted a little more into it. I felt a lot like she was a lot like me. Sometimes I'm starting to wonder how much I am missing out. I feel like every moment is crucial and I must work every second because I am not satisfied now and want an amazing life in the future and to me the only way to get to that is to work work work never sleep never sleep never sleep. And I am doing it all right. But I'm not so sure I am happy. Megan, it seemed a lot like you can do anything. And believed you can do anything. And so terribly seemed to think we, me, I can do anything. I sure hope so.

I absolutely adored her portfolio by the way. SHE WAS SO PROFESSIONAL. everything matched! and she told me I could find nice cheaper ones on DickBlick, exactly where I get all my art supplies! She was so wonderful, I can't get over it. She even gave me some paper she used to make leaves out of painted tracing paper. Amazing. Your paper is treasured Megan, and so are you.

Please visit Megan's website and view all her beautiful work at

I am so happy to have met you. Thank you, thank you, thankyou.