My dear Michel

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A fair part of Distrito Paparacchi has become me writing little notes to my future self, since I guess I couldn't have it the opposite way. And apart from being one big giant public diary, it's kind of become a progress report: How am I doing? How do I feel about myself... But if I actually read them more times than most they're pushing me to change myself in some way, to stop being such a little boy, or to move on. Which are all very good things and I probably won't stop doing this, but I thought I'd let Michael of Tomorrow know, I'm proud of you. I know I may not get the most brilliant grades, come across as the most manly of men, and have ran in the Savannah rain SO many times because I don't seem to have an umbrella on hand when I need one,- I know I swallow my words, shy away from heavier topics like love or religion, and that I'm the thinnest boy on the planet- but I think I've done a good job at surviving. I've mentioned this so many times but I have no idea how I'm alive right now with life threatening homework and projects and my inability to score an internship despite my by now obviously desperate attempts (I am pretty positive I slipped to Soo Kim I'd work at a sweat shop). But I'm alive! And you're alive too! So let's hug and get married cause I love you so much! Lol now everyone thinks I'm so weird! Thanks for putting our best foot forward, always trying to learn more. Hopefully one day I could look at this and smile at such a silly boy I am. I think more and more, although my goals have always been unrealistically high and I've always felt uncomfortable with the way I am, I'm learning to appreciate the way things are moving, the paths I am creating and being comfortable with that. I didn't want to end up back home this summer, but whatever happens, I'm sure it'll be okay. Everything will be ok, and I shouldn't be mad at myself. Congratulations on everything,
hopefully you guys don't think I'm too weird!
My love as always,