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Hermes stands as one of my favorite collections to look at. Which is so weird because it's not usually my first choice.. I feel like we're moving into a good balance between tight and loose in men's wear. I will search the depths of the sea for slim, but am I the only one who gets a headache when they wear their clothes to tight. I think I'm moving into comfort... *eh don't hurt me! This coll is so perfect. I'll take em all. PS. surely I'm not the only one who is obsessed with their company name. "Mercury star power!"

Kenzo cute
Although our styles are very different, I would like to honestly admit that Mr. Yamamoto is one of my biggest inspirations  and I aspire to approach fashion in a very similar way. Can you wait to see "This is My Dream?" because I am so ready to eat it. I feel like I collect menswear here that I would love to wear (..I know how selfish...) but after seeing the Tae Kyung sing Nella Fantasia wearing dress culottes I have been beyond into wide legged pantaloons. appealing: proportion proportion proportion
Ermenegildo Zegna
Miharayasuhiro I love these photographs (slash I adore the first outfits print!!)
Louis Vuitton
This summer, I'm taking a course called Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. Back when I was on track, one of the articles we were assigned observed the folks of the Enlightenment views on what is considered savage, barbaric, and civilized and ultimately how they felt they were the superior man. It's interesting today how we have a gradually widening mentality to other ways of life: adding to trends like "native american" or the gypsy look and acceptance of other creeds and orientations. In this collection Louis Vuitton uses the Maasi colors of the Shuka obvious inspiration. Louis Vuitton's style manager, Kim Jones was influenced by his childhood blanket. And over all its a very travelish kind of look, like Jane and her daddy when they visited Tarzan. Really cool. Here's a little bit more on that.

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