One thing at a time

12:48 AM Michael 0 Comments

While it may be virtually impossible to wait until one task is completed before beginning another, I find myself writing little notes around of lists and things to do which help me organize my brain and muscles that follow. -Most recently I've been writing little phrases like "One thing at a time", because although yes, there are an unbelievable amount of things to do, if I think about those other things I'm barely function able during the task I'm working on. So I would like to resolve to being good to ourselves. We can do at it all and will do it all. And right now I will finally study for psychology and write the essay that was due at 11:59 last night. I can't let it beat me. We can't let life beat us. External things, stress. no no no no no. Let's do now, right now. Breathe well, be successful. I walked into macdonalds that  was unsuccessful.