Many eggs, Many baskets, Two hands

12:09 AM Michael 0 Comments

I imagine, it must be valuable to hold several aspirations, rather than holding onto few. Maybe we are meant to want/have many. Even ones unrealized. 
There will be assistance.

You know what, this whole thing is so funny, because there really used to be only one thing I wanted to do for quite while now. I felt that if I focused all of my energies and attention into this one goal it would pipeline me to a favorable destination. And, it actually has. Looking around, it has treated me well.
Truthfully, I would find it really weird when people weren't sure of what they wanted to do or what direction to take. Like, when acquaintances would change their majors 3 times in one year and still ask me what they should really be. Now all of a sudden I am somewhat finding myself in those shoes. I have the same ideas, the same goals, but I feel as though they have sprouted a little. Now there are several ideas poking at me, several goals flashing in front of me. And I think mostly I am still awake because I want to grab onto all of them. Can I do that? I don't know. Who knows... Is there a certain sequences I should take between these events? So many new questions.
And in all of this (present), day to day thinking, pondering, wondering around Savannah, I've realized, I think I am living a little too intensely. I am always trying to figure out if I am doing things the right way, in the right order. Haha, it is a little too hot outside to be so uptight. And, it's embarrassing because I can trace myself being this way several times. "Should I or should I not tell someone this about myself", "Should I or should I not wait to do this at a better pace with full attention", "Should I have sent this email at a more super appropriate time using my long distance mind reading powers?" Lol I am literally trying to eat myself. Let goooo Miguel, let go. Just take your hands off the keyboard and eyes off the screen. Then again, may be I am commanding this too intensely.

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