Amino (Acid)

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Always lovely when Tomin's in town. This is the part of the calendar that can always anticipate lots of eating situations. It's crazy how great you feel after a great breakfast/greatfood/greatfriends. She's headed to Iceland this Thanksgiving. Apparently they have really great yogurt there. Have fun Tominaga! s a y o n a r a 


A big project for this part of my life has been to create a fulfilling existence. Am I working to my fullest potential? What can I do to make it better? Is there a way to maximize the life I already have by linking it to my future goals? The best answer is to perform best for others' success and push for my own. Really, don't we all want to become our most valuable.. So here is where I am, Miguel. These are the building blocks. Will keep all progress logged and eyes set forward.