Good weather

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I'm happy, and ready for whatever comes my way. Happy, is relative though I suppose. Sometimes you're really happy, and sometimes you're medium and sometimes you were happy a second ago and then suddenly your mood drops. Haha, way to bring that back to reality.
What I'm getting at is how I am watching how everything comes and goes in seasons. And I'm feeling like now is a good season. Good things and tough things mix together to make you wiser and grateful for the things you have and the places you've made it out of. I'm guilty of days where I've woken up and already wished it was time to get back into bed. I wish I didn't sound like a survivor to be honest. I mean, I would like to survive, but to sparkle would be nice. Then again, maybe my eyes are not opening wide enough, watching closely enough when my reflection is brightly bouncing on car window panes and store fronts as I'm carrying by. 

There's so much light here, in New York.