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"Loving yourself simply means doing that. It does not mean becoming enamored with who you are. It does not mean worshiping or idolizing yourself to a masturbatory level of self-adulation.
Self-love is this: Patience. Kindness. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t hold yourself to ridiculous standards, and don’t reprimand yourself for not living or achieving how or what you think you “should” live or achieve. Loving yourself means taking your time, allowing your dreams to nurture themselves. It means planting a garden: starting with a few seeds tenderly nestled in the dirt and sprinkled with water, and being content to watch peacefully as the seeds grow, little by little, into your garden. Loving yourself means being brave. It means having the courage to live your truth, and bravery does not mean not being afraid. It’s okay to be afraid. Loving yourself means giving yourself permission to be afraid, and holding your own hand as you are, until you are comforted. Loving yourself means giving yourself time and space, to say “it’s okay I didn’t step forward today. I will take two steps forward tomorrow”. It means walking without a stick into the darkest forest, and letting that journey unfold as it will."