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My foot had just barely reached on board when bright blue eyes suddenly widened, asked if I would like any water and in sweeping motions hands me two packaged bottles. "Please let me know if you will anything"

Mystical. Such a strong energy. Almost like you are meeting a cartoon character. Bright. Beaming. Frail. Happy. So happy.

"Are you new?"

[How would you know that]

"Aren't you SO excited" *clamps hands* *slightly bends knees*

[enthusiastically nods, I am, just nervous af]

And after other pleasantries promises to come right back.

Like a shining beam of light. So genuine. Almost unreal. Like the personality you give a cartoon.
And somehow I felt comforted. There are such incredible spirits in the world and we are made to make each other feel good. A divine appointment.

What a wonderful, super strange world.