Mon Ami

11:16 PM Michael 0 Comments

One fascinating thing about growing up is learning there is no cookie cutter approach to friends. They really do come in all shapes and sizes. Your interaction with them is different. What you expect from them is different. And what you can contribute to them is different. At first having friends always seemed so simple and similar. Sure you have your best friends which are super special. And then everyone else you hang out with, sharing things, make each other feel good. But lately...I'm noticing certain nuances I never noticed before. Some are trying to figure out things they never figured out before, and so you are on the ride with them. Some just want the absolute best for you, even when your relationship didn't turn out to be exactly what they expected. People are fascinating. And once again I'm not making sense. All it is to say..I'm so lucky for this part of my life. Kinda like when you travel some place new and feel your brain expanding - these new interactions ...are showing me a whole new side of life, and a new side of myself.