"Hello Hello" Hygiene: DIY

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Phone cleaning basics. So I've heard of it being so important to clean your phone but I never did put together it's relationship with your skin right away. Gosh I take a while. Anyway!
Over time your phone collects bacteria from the world and when you use your phone you press up those items onto your face causing further irritation and redness. 
This is credible to me because some of my trouble spots are on the upper cheeks where the phone touches. 
The side I use the phone more often on is a little worse, but I do switch sides.. and it's on both. (ha I could be a clown)
So here's an easy way to keep your
phone bacteria on a minimum and at the same time give your cellular device the shine and
feel it had when it was new! This will keep you liking it longer. Don't go buy a new one! ..Unless of course this is beyond repair. 
So go ahead and take your phone. This one is mine. It doesn't flip, and rubs against everything, including my keys. It's seen it's share of the earth. 
  1. Take it apart, battery, backing and phone. I won't be cleaning the battery, but you can certainly take a cloth or towel and wipe it up. The battery is inside and usually stays in pretty fair condition.
2. Now take a Q-tip, dip it into isopropyl alcohol and apply it onto the phone piece (here's the backing). A Q-Tip works well because it doesn't leave behind lint. I did use a makeup pad before and it does work, but there is lint. I'm using Rubbing Alcohol here. This helps pick up the dirt and disinfect it. I did some reseach to see if what I was telling you guys was ok or reccommended, and it said to avoid using rubbing alcohol onto the "electric parts" like the battery and the phone. Apparently, it can conduct the electricity and it will be hazardous. However, being a total dare devil, I will tell you I survived. It's safer to use a higher concentration of alcohol (94 or so %) or a little windex or palmolive & water on the screen. I've also tried the tiniest bit of bleach with a large ratio of water and a bit of dish liquid. We use this to clean our dishes further. Haha. It works really well. Bleach is a germ combatant after all.

anyway, use what you have to clean the parts. The rubbing alcohol works so well! It just picks it up!
3. Clean the rest of your phone and now dry it up. Buff it with a paper towel or cloth. This will make it shine.
Here we are, cute as a button. The scratches are still there, but the phone is much more looking like it's pretty old self.
Good luck and I wish you a cleaner phone and clearer skin!