It's finally Friday in Florence

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Although, I have been having the most enjoyable time with my friends Verocchio and Brunelleschi. I swear all they ever talk about is art. "It's finally Friday" because this has been the longest week evar. But it is all very good! I'm expecting to be in the western world for the rest of the summer, or at least until this class is over with. I wonder if we get makeup classes. ...Yesterday's class was canceled because the power went out, which was SO GOOD because I was SO LATE because of the traffic. The road must be worked on! haha. And this morning there was an earthquake? Serio? How neato!
Lol, Inez and I are on a mission towards clearer skin! (that among other things..) But this is first and for most. It certainly feels like summer again. HA we literally hung out by going to all the drugstores in the area. ..We are obviously so cool. And I showed her all the hair products I've used, which is absolutely insane. Because I seriously have used ...all of them. Just ask Rachel. It's sad when your favorite place to go is CVS. This might be where all my money goes. Wouldn't that be such a nice place to work. (haha) Sorry for all the "hahas" and "..." I will work on it. I really do love being here. Everything is so uniquely and wonderfully ghetto in Washington. heart.
Like I swear, ghetto is a style here, whether it be too much color or a pile of lip gloss reflecting off your poppers or red violet hair it looks like an attempt to look some way. It's not this way in Savan. Who by the way, I am sure is a hottie right about now, just along with everyone else on the street. The block is hot.

I hope you guys are having an amazing summer! Summers are very special. I've been comparing this one so much to last years (the most amazing summer ever), but it's also important to let each year be it's own. Why repeat your life? And like always, "allow happiness". Here's a list of destinations and little hoped for events
Summer things 2010
1. Candles on the porch
2. The Wheaton regional park
3. Window shopping in Georgetown
4. Perusing Books and Million
5. Reading Eat Pray Love
6. Late nights in the costume shop
7. Visits to Harris Teeter
8. Seeing Kelly!
9. Candy indulgence and movie watching
10. El Tamarindo
11. Movies on the grass
12. Museum days
13. Watermelon
14. Adams Morgan, Dupont days
15. Noches in the Disco
16. Starbucks
17. Photos
18. Aunty Lucy
19. Putting my face in front of the air conditioner
20. Blogging to you guys!
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By the way, my computers moving a little slower than normal. I don't know what's up with that. I do have a lot of photo files to upload so I haven't deleted... I seriously upload like 300 photos onto my computer every week and then have to go through and delete. haha opps.

The highlight of my week (lol) was probably watching Little Mermaid "3" Ariel's Begining. Well, I guess it's not really 3 and more of a prequel, or preface or whatever it is!  But it's so interesting because although sequels are never as good as the first, especially in the case of a classic story, but it's informative (lol) to learn about the life of the character. It's cute, it's on youtube so you don't have to go buying it on me.