Walking towards castles.

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Mom's pretty excited about her latest business rush. She's going back and forth with a man on the phone about what to press in the upper right once reached home, once reached account. I hope he's not getting too tired. At least this time she is not selling juice. I don't joke. I don't say anything. She wants to do this. I should be composing this, these, emails. I'm actually a little afraid. I don't like to ask for things. Or I mean, be a hassell. Everyone has too many of them. It's a much better day. I'm not meeting my bed time goal..but I'm in a much better mood. When your crummy, man it's tough. It started out pretty bad today, but skies cleared up. I like working with the kids. Maybe not so much the part where you are in the back by yourself. I feel I would be afraid of when they come back because there is an instant pick up, more work to be accounted for, and a fast tornado sweep. But they make things much better. I am all for positive thinking and I don't like to complain, perhaps I will delete this later, but it's been a summer alright. Or maybe it hasn't been one that's the fault. I miss my summer friends and I feel like I don't get to see a lot of people. And I can't tell if I'm happy, even though there is always reason to be. The weather is a lot nicer! "It's gonna be a bright- bright- and sun shining day" is playing in the background. How appropraite. Time just goes by. I have a good 7 classes of Art History II left. Carol's good. She's cute. I don't feel like we are covering as much as we need to, but I'm getting by. The hardest part for me is catching the bus after class. It's supposed to end at 9 but she usually keeps us till around 9 20 and the 70 likes to show up approaching 10 o clock so I usually make friends with the glass next to the T-Mobile shop. The most interesting folk ride that bus. But there could be cooler. It's so great that Andrea is at the center this summer! She's unbelievably encouraging.  If I've learned anything, life is just so much about pushing your way through, especially through yourself.Tom morrow can be beautiful. I should send the email. Hopefully I'm not asking too much. Just ask me to give.
Thanks for reading again! I'm sure it doesn't concern you, and time is time.
"I don't think I'm putting together the pieces, if anything I am making more of a puzzle, that I mean even I have to eventually solve"