Hey there carebear.

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It's certainly been a little while since I've last consistently posted! I don't think there will be nearly as many posts as there were last month. It's nice to post all the time, but it was kind of becoming a tumblr site. It's good when you can handle reading older posts. Everything's well with me, I hope everything is well with you! Summer's consisting of getting up and doing homework running to catch the metro to work and then walking back home. It's a long way, but I'm not really one to wait for the bus. Thank you for feet! It's a lot to do, but I am enjoying myself. My business class officially finishes tomorrow. But um, I didn't know this and randomly checked yesterday at 7 am that everything was due on 7/2 at 11pm. So I went ahead and took 2 tests, a quiz, and a discussion without reading/studying. But it's over now so the world is bright! I did much better on my English paper this time. A B+? oh my gosh that is pretty much an A. ...oh and I know about my grammatical and spelling errors in my blog posts! I actually do go back and correct some of my older posts when I glance through. haha..gosh. Now in celebration for the end of BA 101 I have collected a few funnies from past tests/quizes. (...At least I think this is legal?)

Choice A: now of course the increase in the Mexican American population would cause a greater demand in building more Muchos Tacos restaurants. I mean what about me.. I like muchos tacos!

Eardrop communications.. So 1984.

Beyonce is quite an entrepreneur I suppose.

now.. I'm not even going to pretend I did not put "cataclysmic" into dictionary.com

LOL now... hopefully this girl does not find this and hunt me down.. but I had to post this! As a citizen with both and savings and a checking account. haha shouldn't you be worried about Identity theft. Secondly, since when did "30" become "3o" with a lower case "o". Girl.