Kingdom Go

12:29 AM Michael 0 Comments

I've been locking myself in the house lately. I'm afraid that when I let myself out that I will be tempted to buy something. But of course, the funds are not there to do such things. So I just surf around and watch Sailor Moon and Mew Mew Power episodes for the billionth times. haha. During Christmas time I watched all the Digimon episodes, well at least the first 3 seasons. Gawd, I'm such a dork. (haha) That's why there hasn't been too much to post about. I suppose I don't have to post every day anyway. So that's where I've been, here. Like anyone else, I do have things to do that I will perhaps to continue to put off until the last possible time. Like I swear going to Savannah. Everyone's ready to go but gosh darn it, next thing you know they'll be counting down for Christmas break. I'm just a little neg. I'm so sorry! I stepped outside a little while ago. There's roofing from upstairs that we're throwing out in the trash can by the elementary school, and so they are in these massive baggies out in the back and apparently my dad tossed his keys into the huge garbage thing. But I had to call it quits pretty soon because I'm desperately allergic to the ceiling. That's literally the whole reason the room is taken apart, because I'm allergic to the walls, so I sleep downstairs on the couch. I wish I wasn't such a hassle. This is such a laz post! I want to make sure I upload a "How-to Grow your Hair Faster Naturally" post soon! We'll see.