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It's Sunday, and the moral is to bring your keys to church from now on. It takes a really long time to leave when your with your parents. There is no up and out. And since every Sunday is something like this, I walked back out onto the pavement and walked home in the rain. It's not that I don't like my family, but it gets a little overwhelming being asked when you are going back to school, how you like it there, when it is very sweet and everything, but I know they are partially being polite and will soon enough ask me again.
Zara browsing was fun yesterday. Everything was beautiful. The clothing, the workers. Inez was so right, like I swear to gosh everyone in that store was like speaking another language. I'm like, what is wrong with me. Lave her. and I love summer too. Now that it's finally here. I don't know what I want to do any more. I wish I had enough money to buy those shoes.