It's so wonderful you're here.

11:37 PM Michael 0 Comments

It's funny because yesterday Lorraine was giving me notes, and all I could think about was how I all I wanted to do was go home and cry. So I asked to leave "early" and on the way home I was thinking about how terrible everything was. And how stupid of me to complain when there are many burdens I don't have. I try really hard to be nice, but the reality is, I'm just trying. Honestly I'm probably the fakest person out there and I the scary part was I the misery I bottle up inside really began to surface.  The funny part sets in with how incredible everything went. ..And I'm sure not EVERYTHING went well, because I do know otherwise. But everything can be accomplished, and dragons always defeated. And my heart always brings me to them. I'm so lucky to have Lorraine give me more than I can bite, every-single-year. From teaching me to speak without a microphone, to juggling my duties as a candle stick and those to the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, to now dressing a show. And I probably cry every single time because I'm a nineteen year old baby. But even the darkest nights eventually have a silver lining. Now, I only have to catch up on my school work... And I hate to admit it, but there's a pretty small reason why the night went so well. And it might not have been as secret as I may think, but I like to think so. Thank you for that.