So my beloved, beloved camera has moved on...

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Another day, another life
You must know how I feel...
so dramatic.
Never the less I used my last set of pictures to capture some flatter shots of my jeans, dress shirts, blazers, etc
I suppose it would only be appropriate that it die with fashion as it's subject.
Poor thing.
I did find a used upgrade online though. I totally don't deserve a new one haha!

I was in the library this weekend, as well as there today
Sigh. but  omgosh when I was there, it became so apparent to me that it has like almost everything in there, textbook wise, and instruction. Despite the wonderful, wonderful features of the internet, it becomes a little too overwhelming after a while. A book on the other hand is a little more "organized" just because it's all layed out in front of you and it's a little tougher for a book to get published versus a website. I mean...I could make a blog all about 20th century haute couture and know nothing about it and never reveal that. But who cares, who cares. 

And since I can't illustrate very well. I got some "instructional" books which were so inspiring and very much needed because it's not like I know what I'm doing. They're way interesting. And a little out of the ordinary ill.

This one kind of looks like a MyScene to me. You know what those are right? haha 
anyway. Sorry I always sound so laggy. I always seem to post too far after the event and then the "excitement" is gone. I was literally sitting in the library thinking of all the work I have to do. Midterms are so not over. I might have lived and resurrected last week but I think this time I might get straight buried. Funny though, every single project I always wonder how it's going to get done. Especially last week, I was like if I could do this I could do anything. And I walked into Eckburg at 4 pm and left at 11 oclock the next day. And literally pinned that dress up to the very end. I wish I could have totally finished. Marie was very assuring though and said "It just has to be a mock up, this isn't Senior collection" even though of course I admitted that was what I was going for. But we win some and lose some and to be honest just the fact that I'm surviving is worth everything. And the fact that the due date will come and go is pretty much that faint light "at the end of the tunnel"- and let me tell you it sure gets dark in here. But every night has a morning. Let's think positively. It will get finished. I will magically survive. and continue to post. happy birthday to Veronica! She received an eye ball cupcake.
But taa taa for now. and wish me luck!