Inspiration Post #5

11:19 PM Michael 0 Comments

I've been holding off for number 5 for a while. And although I haven't come up with concrete reasons why, sometimes it's really hard to feel "inspired".
The quarters gone. And no matter how much I want to... don't give up, don't give up, don't give up. Be true to faith. 

I'll forever be inspired by you dreamers. Those that hope for a brighter world and lovely days. I'll wish for the best. 
Every single week I really do wonder, how am I possibly going to get all this work done?
And yet, every single week, I, and you, make it through. 
I hope your hearts rest. Enjoy the planet. And when your up at magical hours in the night, I truly want you to have hope. We'll all be joined. Stranger to stranger. Everyone you could want to meet. 

I still know I want to meet you. 

We'll all get rest soon enough. And when we wake up from what seems like eternity. It will be better. 
It's waiting for you.

So be bright and romance. Much love, M

Open your heart, and as always En deavour the universe.
It will reach back for you.