Introduction to Fashion: Metamorphosis

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Project II Draping
Ultimately the second project was to explore draping, and Marie used a starting point as the idea of Greek and Roman draping but you could obviously think outside of that. The required material was ten yards of black and white striped fabric (which was oddly enough very trendy this spring, good call Marie) and we were to come up with a design that would some how alter the human body, evoke the word "innovative" and we were only allowed to cut the yardage 3 times. 
So lol not only did we have to buy TEN yards of fabric but we could only cut it, like seriously pick up scissors to the fabric, 3 times. So when Veronica took us to Hancock's because Joanns does not sell black and white stripes apart from Jail Halloween costumes, I seriously figured well someone else from the class had to have been there and asked the guy who was cutting, I think his name is Venus? (obv must be noted), if anyone else had come in asking for ten yrds of black and white stripes and there wasn't much left of whatever they had, so we looked around more and there was a nice one but it had come in two separate bolts the remnant of 2 yards and 8 yards lol so I had really already had "one cut" already done. But I really liked the fabric and that was all there was left so why not. Okay I will not ramble for the rest of this!

The rest of the project was to do a front-side-back illustration of that garment and come up with 2 other looks from the collection and the views of those. 

So I had to define innovation.
Because all though you hear it a lot, how does it relate to clothes? So I really went on google and just for the facts. My interpretation of "innovation" for the project was the idea that there is "Creation" and then there is "Evolution" when things change or get better or progress, like "innovation". And so I took this progress one step further to a "Metamorphosis" where things change again to be beautiful. The caterpillar was already created as a caterpillar, but it does more than just evolve into a bigger caterpillar, it morphs into something beautiful. 
So Metamorphosis would be the idea/stage where things can become beautiful. Which I tend to hope is my direction in fashion.

I wasn't entirely sure how to "drape" so the sketch I showed Marie that she suggested I attack looked like I would have to cut it a billion times. And told me "-only if you know how to do it." So OF COURSE I would have to do it. haha I love her.
So here is my inspiration. My starting concept was the idea of paper origami because with that well, you are making these creations by manipulating the paper but not cutting it, kind of like the project we were doing. Further more I explored "buggy" things like dragonflies and butterflies, things with wings, things that morph (yes I know dragons flies don't fall into that category).
As well as Japanese kimonos, the black and white striped beauty of pianos and accordion keys, pretty places, and b and w photog. Just to "inspire".
Furthermore my designer influence was Cappucci, as well as did I borrow themes of shape and pattern from Peter, Pedro, and Junya.
My color story:
Or rather, colourless story.
And some documentation:

Don't laugh at my girls lol. Those boots were MADE for walkin.
I knew I wanted to make a "short" dress. Maybe I'm just SUCH a boy. Also, from a totally different view I'm way "bow-y" because I  can be such a girl designing but I wanted it to still be fairly "masculine". I don't know. Scrollish. I would totally do a "dead sea scrolls" collection.
Like- I honestly don't know how it came about but it did and I'm so happy it did.
Slash I totally know how it happened, we stayed awake like forever. I could NOT believe when Martina asked what time it was and Megan was like "3:46" I SWEAR I thought she was lieing. Because it was like JUST midnight. :) I'll miss them. And Eckburg but in a bit I WONT BE MISSIN IT NO MOE.