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 There are many, many designers whom I like, however honestly speaking I cannot say there are as many I could see myself working for. Regardless, for a very long time now I feel like it would be a complete honor to work for Alexis Mabille. He has very artistic taste, and in part reminds me of the very beautiful Christian Lacroix. Typically.. I've noticed he gets pretty harsh reviews on They say it's too feminine a little against the season, a realistic point. I don't really know. I find everything he makes absolutely beautiful and to be honest I find my menswear ideas to be very, "feminine inspired" as well. Why? Because I think that process allows a sense of progress. Womenswear always has progress, always allows "whimsy". It's time for menswear to allow itself to be beautiful. Colorful peacocks are male after all. Embrace "beautiful". Anyway, Mr. Mabille, I hope I true in saying, I find we have a similar vision.