More than anything.

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I'll admit I check my gmail absolutely every single day, multiple hours of the day waiting for that one email. That's all I want to do this summer. That's all I want to do. It felt so close.. but there has not been much contact in a while now.. I would love to work for you. I would love to. sigh.
I had SUCH a good time tonight guys. This was super impressive. I swear people associate "college cooking" as like crackers and unfortunate, but this was fantastic!! As always I love meeting new people. It's my favorite part of anything. Of course there are other people I hve yet to meet.. Like Daniel (I think) the bus driver, and all my many interviewers. I swear bus drivers are dying for conversation. I know there LIVES and children's lives. lol But I must say this day was a little crazy packed, but very, hm, euphoric, in a mild sense. And now my hair looks good. Hair always looks better when no one else is going to see it.. Nice eating with you ;)