Fibers Open Studio Night

10:40 PM Michael 0 Comments

Last weekend I had the fabulous opportunity of seeing my roommates work at Pepe at the Fibers Open Studio Night and was totally, totally, totally impressed. And- ya I joked around and said I changed my major on facebook, but I was JUST KIDDING. I however want to take the weaving class so badly! But I would have to take 2 fibers classes before it and I was really planning on taking accessories. Luckily, I remember Denis talking of the departments working out waiving prerequs for fashion students for fibers classes like digital printing. How fun! Funny because the ENTIRE time I was so impressed. So tedious. It's like an eternal 2d slash colour theory class. I would dye. But any fashion student could kill if they had those skills. My grandma would be such a great fibers major... :) I so appreciate textiles, fibers etc. I think it's what mostly makes fashion "endless" and cuts out "it's already been done before" because it hasn't all already been done before. So Pepe, I promise I will take a class with you soon again. And not just use the dyeing lab with Nikita wearing nice clothes again! That day was so fun! To bad I don't have any pics... or do I? I'll look and upload later maybes.

In the mean time, I cannot decide on what classes to take next quarter!! Originally all i wanted was creative thinking, hist of fashion, and app 1; but then i only get app 1 and anthropology which i REALLY wanted to take; then app1, hist of fashion( because a new one opened) and fashion merchandising planning and control. I figured I should probably go ahead and start my minor... Ah well. Looks like I am walking into a frightening situation. But it shall be worth it. -And I am certain I will enjoy it all.