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The wonderful Derek Lam, still has 3 beautiful dresses left for you to grab through the Derek Lam + Ebay collaboration.  And my favorite little denim one is still avail!

..Then again it's hard to pick a favorite. This Spring, Derek Lam, Jan Schlottman (Derek Lam CEO), and Andrea Linett (eBay) visited Sav for SCAD Style.

And they shared with us their initiative and answered questions and were so amazing the entire time.
Considering eBay is my favorite store almost ever, I am thrilled to see such a neato idea. A fusion of fashion and the bargain class. #brilliant. So from this what can we observe? If you are going to buy designer, it might as well be a long dress? Which makes a lot of sense to me for these reasons: the customer can wear this dress out to an event, she got it on ebay, and it's a designer outfit. Super romantic. It can be worn, and talked about because you are wearing a long dress to a place where people are, and eat hors d'Ĺ“uvre and adore dresses. Especially, if you normally shop on eBay. I feel like I mostly search for "investments". Pinking shears, cameras, cosas como that. Things that I might use again and feel happy when using again. Kind of like that opening-a-Tiffany-box feeling that goes with the brand. I don't know if I am making much sense.. but I love all of them very much. Also very clever to have these dresses be voted on, and then able to be purchased. A new democracy. Also economic.
An all around collaboration-

Ebay fashion is slicker and cuter than ever before and looks like a true "fashion website".  Since you aren't actually touching an examining the product, the side bar includes information about notions, details, and fiber. Also, you can view the product move on the girl in the center with recorded motions. Kind of like on the Saks site. I am so happy for them. Ebay you've put on a brand new dress... *tear.

I really like Derek and Jan. I'll admit I didn't know very much about them before they came. But honestly, I feel we share a similar approach to fashion. And a lot of what he said, I feel like I really did believe. Weird hmm. It's good to see people who have made it, considering we'd all like to reach a similar place. Thank you for so much for coming, I wish I could say thank you in a better way.. If you're interested in reading a little more about Derek Lam's visit to SCAD definitely view Heather Stowell's blog spot post, La Mode Est La Vie. She's a good reporter ;)