Melting Rainbows

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Take a look at these amazing images by Japanese photographer, Taisuke Koyama! Ah! so cool!

Showing you just these alone obviously doesn't do him much justice. I think if anything he definitely puts aside all doubts if photography should be considered an art. Also, definitely very "weird" that such images exist somewhere in life. As though there is so much more to see and I'm walking around with my eyes closed. Very beautiful Mr. Koyama! Sorry I'm not too much of a professional critic.

Check out this and other projects of his like Starry and Entropix at his website :)
btdubs all of these images totally belong to him

"A city and human body, organisms and inorganic materials, consciousness and unconsciousness, the self and the other; in this environment which is constantly changing with the transition of seasons, those elements are reacting each other closely and constituting this ever-changing world which keeps metabolizing like an organism."