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I don't really know why I haven't been posting lately... haha. I've kind of decided to take a rendezvous from talking too much about my life. However I'll confess that I have thought of a lot of posts, but seem to forget a lot of them when I don't write them down. Like my October resolutions including "waking up earlier" and other floating thoughts. School isn't as awesome as I would like to report. Math is really great, psychology on the other hand is pretty ridic. We have an essay due Wednes night, Thurs night, a discussion, a project, and a quiz. ...Every single week. And the week seems to continue to slip through my fingers..which is why I haven't submitted my Wednesday essay yet. Time is moving so quickly I can't believe it. On the brighter side my psy teacher seems really nice, so it is really difficult for me to properly dislike the class and I've decided not to do any more personal projects with deadlines involved.. I know that sounds really irresponsible but I find having deadlines on projects for enjoyment make the month fly by way too quickly. There's so many things I'd like to make, I haven't felt this way in a while so it's very good. And I've been in the company of Allison and bits of thread and I find myself slowly becoming honestly happier. haha We'll see, sorry I didn't mean to sound like such a bummer. I guess it's just late and I didn't do my homework. I've got to get psy motivated! Highlights of my life. I've got Listerine in my hair. It's supposed to be great for dandruff. ...awkward moment. oh, but I hope to post a very happy post very soon!! I believe good things are happening for all of us.

 and for some healthy vanity. haha. jk. well. I guess not really..