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I still think there are angels out there everywhere - looking out for me - and looking out for my friends.

My dear, dear friends, new and old, are whom I am most grateful for. For lifting my spirits and piecing me back together. And showing me how fun life is. How bright life is.

Grateful for - wonderful, empowering music like...haha beyonce, ariana grande, lololol and of course the vicar of dibley opening theme. Thank you music, for giving me a sense of comfort and strength.

My parents for being incredibly supportive, I've never talked to them this much on the phone before haha.

Books, lots of books, have become my breakfast and dinner. Slowly seeping wisdom and clarity in.

I'm very, very fortunate.

And I wish much strength, patience, and wisdom in the coming days ahead.

Be still. Feel. Grow. Be good to you for a change. No more bad stuff.