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Over the last few weeks, my innermost prayer has been for me to become my true self - to be the self I was meant to be.

I think we all have an idea of that self - the basics - happy, full-filled, financially grounded. 
But I think there are things we don't know about our potentially full self, because our human mind kinda is limited and so bogged down by reality. But what is reality? We can shape our reality. 

Maybe there are talents I haven't discovered yet. Huge talents. Please uncover those with me. 
Maybe there are ways of thinking - about social interactions, about love, about money, about technology - that are new, fresh, kind, exciting, and beneficial to others. I want to know those. 
Maybe there is an emotional capacity I have that I haven't yet tapped into. Show those crevices to me and help me not be afraid to use them. 

Maybe I have a respect for myself, my heart, my mind, and my body, beyond my comprehension. 

Maybe that kind of respect overflows and is good for other people. I want to be for a lot of other people. This is what I'm learning I'm drawn to. 

So many people are hurting - I want them to be un-hurt. Restored. 

I want my soul to be on fire - live like I'm on fire. Take me like a sacrifice. This will/is my prayer.