Darling, what are you doing?

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I'm sure my head isn't throbbing as nearly as much as yours. Nor is my heart. But I'm listening to it beating inside my body, and I wonder how long I've been waiting for. Raychol's still in the computer lab, my homework is not finished, and I'm holding onto more secrets now than ever and I'm not sure how that makes me feel. This can't count as homework. I emailed the people at Montgomery College today. Classes start on the first, that is practically 5 days from now, each completely packed with it's own.
Sometimes our heart longs.
I went out and I looked for him. Both of them. And I stepped out into the night, away from the voices, away from my friends. He was in the driveway, the trunk was still open. I let my fingers slip close to his, plastic in mine, plastic in his. Familiar. He looked. And I pretended like I didn't have another motive. And I began to make his face into something that I wanted. I visualized that pretty face and my heart sank because he was more and more not there, and who was, was. My eyes hurt. The night is racing. Advance. Telephone. Temporary. Hope. No.