I think I might be getting a little bit fat.

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Thanks to Olivia's unending pit of meal plans. It's a nice drop down. I will officially have to say good bye to the boy mediums. haha.. It's been such a weird week. But it's been extremely positive. Next year, I'll be living with Veronica, Makenzye and Kayleigh in a house on 39th street super, super close to Arnold/ Wallin Halls. It's a cute neighborhood and a cute house. It's one floor but it has four bed rooms and is all around neato. I'm excited. It'll be half of what it costs to stay in the residence halls. I swear it smells like cigarette in here a little. The week consisted of waking up late and missing classes, industry made shirts, seam books, gas station nights english papers, naked persons, and hard grading, and etc. Certainly I don't work as hard as some people and they crank awesome masterpieces out but gosh, Jason this is as good as it's gonna get hun. Sleep tight?