Dearest Ricky, if you see him would you please make sure he knows I'm blonde again

10:54 PM Michael 0 Comments

I don't know how I should start writing to you or if you even remember me. But I remember you, and I think of you always. And I'm always a little more ready to say yes thanks to you. And I'm scared only because I can't bring a story back with me. It's approaching a year. And I promise I'm not holding my heart as tight as before. It's so funny how easily you knew everything about me, and flattered me. And now I'm searching, and trust me I'm getting the experience out of it. And I'm sure for you too, it wasn't easy or always fun or glamorous, it's well.. a journey. And it's not that my backpacks to heavy, or I didn't wear the right shoes, I can always ignore those things. Somewhere in the universe, there's strength, courage, him. He'll always be out there, being perfect. If you do see him, maybe you should let him know what I look like. Just in case you run into him. I'll be home soon. I'm praying for you. Rock the underwear.
Love and more, me.