April Friday.

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We were supposed to have a lovely family weekend. Yesterday the drama bombs were dropped. For the first time ever college turned into high school in one night. highschool...like the identical this person knows that person your friends with but apparently their slutty,slutty, which you know already, but didn't quite know they got to know, biblically your boy boy. It went a lot furthur than that just one little surface. EVERYTHING surfaced. We had such a great time reminising and put everything out in the open. I hope this will all work! ...We were supposed to live together next year, but I don't think Kayleigh really wants to, or at least knows for sure, and of course that makes me sad! We wanted to be 4 so it wouldn't be awkward 3! I'm sure that anyway it plays out it will be so much fun! Sorry I missed your birthday yesterday Grace. I swear I'm such to you and zak. I'll slow down soon, promise. or go eat at scafe!
SO, you know what? Now male/female maturing rates are so fascinating. LIKE i would think that me and Barbara mentally mature on similar levels, (if not me ahead) but everything I used to not like, i really like now. As if I had to grow up first. (...You're not going to think i'm a weirdo.)

I neverrrrrr used to like Paris. I just thought she was so not talented, her songs were obviously written for her, and her voice was altered. And she's just one of those celebrities whose a celebrity for no special reason. like I don't think she had to WORK to that goal. But oh my gosh do I ever love her now! I seriously didn't even think she looked very pretty but now I think she's pretty. Isn't it weird how opinions can drastically change. She just goes on the beach with her photo boy and makes out under blind stars. She's so cool. Love her music. Haha! I sound so ignorant!

Now I don't want to be her...but I want to be her. She's very bad, but idk I think there's something empowering to see someone live the bad life for you. Like she's a naughty icon. 1,2,3? I mean..come on. I still don't really like all of her music. They're just all too similar for me. BUT goodness is a party a party with some Britney. She's obviously a little looney and i CANNOT believe that she's a mother ever. I still remember pop star britney, 4th grade me. NSYNC goes in this category.
Another "view change":
bluberries. I had to grow into the taste. Now, i have to have an antioxidant. :)

Country Music: I remember once I played a country song and barbara asked me to change it, and I asked how come and she told me that she doesn't know why but country music makes her cry. now I used to originally hate country music, then in high school i loooved it. and yesterday I noticed to that Country music makes me a little emotional in general. And I can't really explain it. weird right? Especially since she felt that way such a long time ago.

I will however always think super cut out prom dresses are a little tacky. This is kind of like when you have clothes you don't think you don't like and then you see them "again" one day.

jasdfjlajdfa. have a good dayy! I might go see the princess and the frog later. I might also go see the last song later with the scad fam! (my opinion on milers has changed too..) ha!