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Sundays are almost not Sundays without church. I left my bike at the library and took the 14. I've become pretty fond of Jen Library. I'm probably there at least once a day.
Yesterday was the sidewalk arts festival! and it rained. BUT, it was a good time anyway. I volunteered, but they closed my coke station down, so Rachel and I made our typical appearance on the dance floor. haha. super embarassing...sometimes i'm seriously not thinking.

my phoneee is a little scratched. fyi the dorm to myself this weekend was amazang. and so was the weather when the sun came out. I'm seriously going to miss the humidity. :) haha. just kidding? I find the savannah smell kind of charming. even the smellier days. But yea, the trip to the store wasn't that bad. It would be better if it wasn't located near the Marshalls. Then I wouldn't have to go inside. Class in the morning. I got a 95 on my skirt. Slightly disappointing. Better next time? Better next time.