Hey girl heyyy.

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So, I totally sat down in Fash tech today, and of course Trish Quakenbush comes in and is like "so...any of yall hooligans watched Glee last night?" and goes in a spill about how it makes her feel young again, and refers to that cute guy, and gosh she's a trip especially when she refered to the Indians she was talking about as "not dot Indians, feather indians!" Ridic. haha. Insanity. and I absolutely love that class. gawd. everyone's so freaking pretty. I got a really good group of girls lol. ...Including me.

We turned in our skirts today! 26 freaking inches. craziness. Welcome to the Fashion Industry.
I have a few scholarships to fill out...Cannot complain. There could be none right. the Side walk arts festival is on saturdayy and I'll be workin at the Coke Distribution. So cute, so cute. haha. :) Anna is in that picture above, so clucking nice. <3 her. <3 her. Life without facebook is going well. I caved a little while ago! But I am no professional.
I was in the library a little while ago. I swear I don't even need to go there, but it's nice to get out. Think about working. You know. My pillows just fell....I have clean sheets though! gave in. and good thing. I managed to get a job at home! with sitar, and I also got one with City dance but I don't think I can do it anymore. :( super sad face. but gosh isn't that exciting. And i'll take classes at Montgomery. AND i think I just might have found a house yesterday, when we were all giving up. good things happen I swear. Wish me luck on the scholarship search! and here's cheers on everything to you. <33