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Lately, I've been liking being by myself a lot. Personal mornings. Really weird. The water on River street was really pretty this morning. Being alone just helps me think a little more. Thoughts evening the biases, looking at a bigger picture. I mean sometimes I or maybe we think a certain way not to hurt someone else, or your not sharing all of your feeling because of conflict. and am i ever built to be anti-conflict. I just cannot compete. Sorry if this isn't making any sense. I have life drawing in a little while. Now, so far every single class period has given me some comment on whatever pant I am wearing.
Like the very first day where I wore some holey jeans and he said "Hey, you have a hole in your pants" to the day I wore purple pants, to even last class where he says to my rolled up pants "Michael, are you expecting major floodage?" And I am nicknamed Smokey, because he thinks I look like Smokey Robinson, and mentions it to the models, etc. This sounds so made up. But class is going okay. I'm not anything special, but I think I am trying.