Pretty Betty.

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So I was just drinking this a little while ago:

and how it's funny because we used to drink these:

ew. haha but how they're really the same thing. just grown up with us. I mean vitamin water even come in green. Flavored water. lolis.
It is scad style week.

meaning professional guests, like Kelly Cutrone or Bettina the model, get to come and greet scad.
and I know how yesterday I was all about how amazing Kelly Cutrone is (and is right now) but I was so charmed by Bettina.

what a lovely lady.

and so... I totally have to show you. and i'm sure yaya maybe the guys and the girls look the same but they're pretty darn nice, with a full length mirror. haha.

I guess my only way to defend this is to promise I always have my camera, even if it doesn't always work... Welcome to the men's room ladies. let's powder.
Those scholarships are not done. And I was in the comp lab last night but I swear I get so freaking tired around work now. Isn't that bad? BAD.
this is seriously what I've been watching.

It's only partially embarassing because I love sailor moon! I've watched ALL the episodes in japanese and i'm finally starting to watch them in english. sailor neptune i swear is like my biggest inspiration. and I'm not even inspirationy. She's so pretty. and graceful. I have my headphones in the plug and not in my ear and I can hear it. this is such a weird stream of consciousness. Bear with me.
By the way! I made a post a while back of a video I was watching by Rain. and I didn't really explain... but I'm once again in a little Asian phase. I listen on you tube more than listen to Pandora. haha. The movie we watched in English today was so intense...... It's called Brothers. It's the original version of the movie. Where (if you're not planning on watching it) a husband goes to war and his brother and wife end up having a thing after they grieve over his "death", and pretty much has a lucky chance of coming back to life, but first has to kill another soldier. It covers like PTS and totally reminds me of Psy and Vietnam Narratives. Memories. I wonder whats going on at the SJC. I have to get up soon. I'm seriously like never in the room. I have to draw a back for tomorrow. In the mean time I have quite the bar set in the computer lab. Sand arts is on Friday. Maybe I'll see you there!? I don't exactly think I have any cute swim wear but you'll represent me. <3

So cute! I even tweeted it.

long post. long post. not a lot of talking though.
Anna and I are going for a picture together most days we see each other for scad style. gettin it onn. much love i hope everything's k!